1. International repatriation
2. Medical assistance
3. Quest and maintenance of graves

1.International repatriation

1.1 Repatriation of foreign citizens who have died in Bulgaria – 24 hour service and assistance, seven days a week from multi language, professional team:

1.1.1 Professional service: recovering, washing, embalming of the body, dressing in an appropriate gown (with personal clothes if requested);
1.1.2. Respect for and execution of all specific cultural and religious requirements;
1.1.3 Organization of cremation and repatriation of the urn with ashes of the deceased;
1.1.4 Provision of special coffins for transport;
1.1.5 Breavement counselling – psychological support, passenger tickets and accommodation;
1.1.6 Organization of all necessary arrangements and statutory documentation related to existing legal requirements: notarization and official certification;
1.1.7 Cooperation with embassies and consular officials;
1.1.8 Organization of land, air and water transport.

We offer competitive prices and preferential quotes for international air transport;

1.2 Repatriation of Bulgarian citizens, who have died abroad.

2. Medical assistance
3. Quest and maintenance of graves